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Hello and welcome to my website, thanks for dropping in.

I am a specialist breeder of Brahmas, and Blue Orpingtons, all large fowl. 

Please feel free to browse around and read about my various breeds.

All my birds are quality traditional rare breed poultry. 

I am purely a hobbyist breeder and keeper and aspiring exhibitor.  I do not do this as a business. 

I only keep those breeds listed.

if it's not here I don't keep it. 

Like any breeder I am continually striving to improve the quality of my birds.  To do that I buy in quality birds to improve my own blood lines.  I sell my excess poultry.   The funds from these sales help towards the cost of funding my hobby.

I have created this website to share my passion for poultry and to make contact with others who feel the same way. I also hope it will enable newcomers to poultry to see quality birds and to consider getting more involved with this rewarding hobby.


Telephone 0748 4682891

Last updated 4th January 2014